Decorating With Colour - Black

Often referenced in history as the ‘mother of light', black is at the beginning of all life, whether that's planets, plants or religion but over the last few hundred years the colour has been given a bad reputation. Some cultures associate black with evil and death, leaving it in the shadows when it comes to home décor.

However with the recent rise of Scandi-inspired interiors, black is once again associated with simplicity and elegance. This important hue can add drama, create depth and even change the perspective of a room when used correctly.


A safe way to incorporate this bold colour into your scheme is with classic monochrome. Mixing in a white tone with the black helps lift the mood of a space and is known in fashion as elegantly timeless, a phrase that certainly translates into the world of interiors. Introducing a bold pattern like Brixton can be balanced out by using a base colour of black and white to break up the geometric design; a splash of pastel colour keeps the look contemporary especially when used with heritage style fixtures like a roll top bath and Victorian style radiator. An easy way to add colour is through your accessories, this could be a bright towel, a fabric throw or cushion, even a brightly coloured gadget in your kitchen.Texture

Unlike bold jewel-toned colours, black can look a little flat when used en masse but this can be easily rectified by creating texture within your space. Mixing different finishes can capture the light and create depth; using a gloss and matt tile in the same colour creates harmony and draws the eye in, our Aaronson range is a great example of this effect. Whereas using a glossy finish in a contrasting colour to matt black will draw the eye around the room and create the illusion of more space, a white metro wall tile is perfect for recreating this look.

Rough painted brick creates an industrial style space and can be warmed up with deep toned wood grains whether on the floor, try a wood-effect tile, or with the use of simplistic furniture. A compact bathroom is a great place to experiment with colour, try a matt patterned tile to add drama and use tonal accessories for a touch of luxury.

Final Details

If you're looking for something a little less permanent then painting with black is a great option; it can be used to zone areas, highlight favourite objects or blend together different eras displayed in the same house.

The way in which black can be used is only limited to your imagination. Gone are the days of a teenage rebellion with gothic influences; black is now a grown-up colour, even if you still favour a few religious artefacts or skulls (just make them crystal).

For more inspiration see our Pinterest board based around using the colour black in your home and start your own board.


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Black Smeg Fridge

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