Decorating With Colour - Green

Picked as the key colour of 2017 by Pantone, green is a focus for interiors in the coming seasons but if you're lacking inspiration it can be tricky to style. Luckily we now have great tools like the internet, particularly Pinterest and Instagram - perfect for looking through different ideas and also creating your own mood boards featuring what you like most and the looks you think will translate best into your home. Thinking about your own home is key in the decision making process; the type of light in your home, when you use the room and how you use it all have an impact on the finished design.


A great way to break into a trend is to add accents of colour; this could be a painted piece of furniture, a few accessories or a decorative lamp or ceiling light; whichever way you choose to add an accent of green, counter balance it by using contrasting accents, in this case pink. Painted woodwork in a muted green looks ultra-modern when used in contrast to a blush pink accessory like an armchair.For a bolder statement create a focal point to the accent, the hottest way to do this right now is with a green velvet sofa. Quoted as one of the trends for 2017 by Elle Decoration, it can be structural and minimalist or traditionalist and cosy, as long as it's velvet. The great thing about green is that it's extremely versatile; create a haven with a dark blue toned wall for dramatic appeal or keep things bright and fresh with an off-white neutral, creating a sharp contrast within the space. To create a harmonising look, choose a shade lighter for your walls so that the velvet's texture plays centre stage.

For kitchens and bathrooms create a focal point with green patterned tiles; Batik, Beatrice by Minton Hollins and Henley Cool are all great options for different styles.


Light plays a huge role when choosing the right tone of green so it's important to think about the room you're choosing to paint. Generally speaking a north facing room should be avoided as the light has a natural blue hue which will distort your chosen colour. East facing spaces work better with cooler toned neutrals and west facing rooms favour warm toned neutrals. Green can work in both but you need to pick the right shade. Picking a darker shade for smaller rooms helps create drama and a sense of cosiness; a dark colour doesn't have to be dingy and uninviting!

Create an interesting contrast with a neutral toned natural stone like Elektron with a bold forest green wall; a great way to inject some personality into a small space.


Usually the central hub of the home, the kitchen doesn't have to be just white tiles and wood-stain cupboards. Inject some life with some potted plants or go as far as painting your kitchen units or any freestanding furniture in a bold shade of green. A contrasting white marble with grey veining gives the look a contemporary edge, and for the ultimate on-trend finish add some brass accessories or fixtures.

For more inspiration see our Pinterest board based around using the colour green in your home and start your own board.


Image Credits:

Ceiling Light- Pinterest

Pink Chair- Pinterest

Painted Sideboard- Pinterest

Velvet Sofa- Pinterest

Tonal Green Living Room- Pinterest

Green Kitchen Units- Pinterest



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