The New Trends With Staying Power

For the last couple of years interior trends haven't been particularly fast-paced, little quirks becoming large-scale trends and then tweaked with the change of season. However in 2017 there is a large diversity of trends which apply to most tastes, styles and most importantly budgets. A great way to keep a space fresh is to introduce smaller trend-led pieces and evolve an existing space rather than a complete room overhaul Changing Rooms style. But this year we think the trends are so gorgeous that they will become timeless classics, so maybe it's time to throw that grey sofa out the window and invest in a new look.

We've broken down this year's trends into manageable bites and cherry-picked those that we think have longevity and offer timeless elegance.


Metallics have been big in interiors over the last few years and the industry has flitted between different metals from the copper obsession of 2015 to the love of rose gold. This year it has moved on to brass. Personally we think this is a much more manageable material and has great versatility to accommodate different tastes. An investment in real brass is definitely worth it; as an organic material it will change over time, oxidising and ageing. This is perfect for a distressed, vintage look, an industrial setting or a traditional country aesthetic.

Introduce brass into your fixtures with some decorative coat hooks in a hallway or a sculptural kitchen tap. Foundry™ trims add a touch of luxury and soften those straight and sometimes sharp tile edges.


As an overarching trend, nature is still huge going into 2017 but can be a little heavy for an overall look, unless you want to live in a log cabin. To bring in elements of nature and for it to look natural can sometimes be tricky in more modern homes. A great way to add warmth to a room is a hazelnut toned wood-effect tile; mimicking the grain and texture of real wood and mixing it with the practicality of a porcelain tile means you can use them in conjunction with under tile heating, immediately creating an inviting and cosy space.

Combine different types of wood with fresh greens, warm-toned whites and different textures. By mixing with other natural materials like leather and metal you can create a nod to the Scandi aesthetic without having to live with a minimalist attitude.

Image credit: Pinterest 


Previously thought of as old-fashioned, rattan furniture will have a strong comeback in 2017 and is surprisingly versatile. Pared-back styles with minimal decorative features fit well with Scandi and minimalist interiors and those with more flamboyant shapes encompass the 70s; choose a peacock style chair and pair with plenty of greenery and you've got an instant mini oasis.


Art Deco designs never go out of style and mirrored furniture is the next step for those who love the glamorous and dramatic style of 1920's America. Sticking to boxy furniture with clean lines provides a modern twist which works well in more contemporary spaces when paired with a neutral colour palette; for a truly glamorous look choose a marble backdrop.



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