Enhance Your Project With Tile Accessories

Tiling accessories don't always have to be functional; adding decorative capping pieces, a brass trim or a skirting can change the overall look of your space and transform it from functional to chic.

Playing with the trend for mixed metals, the hand-finished brass trims in our Foundry range add a touch of luxury to an industrial aesthetic. Work them in to a neutral colour scheme and pair with rustic wood to create a calming Scandi look. Brass is the metal of choice for 2017 replacing copper and rose gold.

For a touch of elegance choose a matching trim to your tile to create a neat and professional finish. This streamlined look works well for minimalist styles where clean edges and blending colour palettes are key. Our Regal and Complements trims are available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit different tiles in our range. The Complements Carrara trim for example, perfectly matches real Carrara marble making it much easier to create a softer feel to your space.

Traditional capping pieces are popular for heritage styles however traditional doesn't necessarily mean old fashioned. The unique capping pieces in our Minton Hollins range create classic elegance but the contemporary colour palette brings the look bang up to date; choose a vibrant red, a favourite accent colour for 2017.

So, whatever your chosen style, there is always a tile accessory to complement your tiled space helping you achieve a clean, professional finish.



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