The New Natural

When you take inspiration from nature, you're fairly likely to end up with something beautiful. From colourful fields of wildflowers to azure oceans, the world around us is a never-ending source of inspiration. But it's time for a new take on the theme.

If you thought natural décor was all about chintzy floral prints and earthy brown carpets, our new inspirational takes on the trend are ready to change your mind...

Nature, via art nouveau

Art nouveau-inspired stylised images of nature are a fresh and unfussy way to enjoy flowers, leaves and other natural imagery in your home. They're more abstract than regular prints, making them a much more modern-looking choice.

Often, contemporary paired-back angular designs are softened by more majestic swirling patterns for a beautiful finish - just like our Sophia Dove tiles here - while any design inspired by the silhouettes of flowers, buds, roots and leaves will give a stylish nod to the design movement that took off in the 1800s and has stayed relevant since.

Working wood into your home

Natural wood or wood-effect items will instantly give your home an affinity with nature, and real wood flooring, rustic wooden tables and, of course one of the most highly-coveted country house features, wooden beams, are all fantastic ways to get the look in your home.

This year, keep it ultra-modern by mixing your hues - why not try a pale wood floor and dark wood furniture? We're not averse to a few quirkier ways to let a little of wood's natural beauty into your decor, and we particularly love this simple but effective coffee table. Recycled crates and pallets are also a great feature. They have hundreds of uses around the home, from shelves to shoe racks, and provide a great way to incorporate some distressed wood into your décor.

Organised chaos

Variations and inconsistencies in nature are what make it beautiful. Evoke a more organic atmosphere in your home but looking for less repetitive designs and more uniqueness. We love this swirling mirror frame, these inconsistent wall hooks and the subtle variations in our natural stone tiles, which make them truly unique.

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