Bring Your Period Property Into The 21st Century

If you've taken on an older property then you're guaranteed to spend your weekends renovating, oh the things we do for love! In previous years the trend has been to gut out older properties and put completely new modern fixtures in place however, recently that trend has started to die out. More and more people have fallen in love with the original features found in Victorian, Georgian and even the quirks of some 1950s properties!

Here we'll discuss some great hints and tips for renovating your property and bringing it into the 21st century without losing those precious signature features.

Regal luxury

For those lucky few with a bigger bathroom the look of luxury can be easily emulated for not too higher a cost. Plain neutral tones, like our Regal™ range, work well with painted plasterwork such as coving and ceiling roses predominantly found in Georgian style houses. Large windows will bring in lots of natural light which will work perfectly with a glossy tile.

Dress up your room with a few expensive-looking touches such as a glass chandelier, free standing double sink unit and a free standing bath. Look hard enough and you can find some real bargains whether on the internet or salvage yards. To keep the look contemporary choose a marble worktop and a more rounded bathtub with floor taps. A wet room is a great way to save space and increase the use of space in a bathroom.

To add interest to a neutral scheme try a section of more interesting tiles, like a decor running down the shower or a herringbone mosaic over the sinks, keep the colours in tune with your main tiles and they will effortlessly lift the space.

Replica patterns

Victorian encaustic tiles have seen a surge in popularity over the last couple of years with homeowners able to restore or easily replicate what was once new. The latest inkjet technology allows for more intricate and interesting patterns in more colourways than ever before. For a contemporary feel, pick a pattern in a more modern colour palette, a charcoal or a slate blue and let the floor make the statement.

Mixing in elements of Scandi design works well in lightening a heavy pattern, traditional tongue and groove keeps the look traditionally English but more relaxed than tiles. Finish the look with a wooden floating sink unit and ceramic basin and a free standing bath, the more contemporary shapes work well in contrast to the floor.

Accessories can really make this look, some high-end skin care bottles, brush cotton towels and flowers can make the space feel feminine without being over powering.

Traditional bevel with a twist

A classic metro tile is a standalone symbol of the Victorian age, seen across the UK from the potteries of Stoke-On-Trent to the London Underground. Now available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, the metro tile can be used anywhere in the home.

To mix old with new, make a statement with Busca™, a bevel-edged tile with an antiqued glass finish. When paired with the right paint colour and flooring this style of tile can look the epitome of luxury and contemporary design. Perfect for a kitchen splashback, the aged mirror will hide any splashes or stains when used with a darker grout colour.

Add some drama to your kitchen with a daring block paint colour which can be lightened with metallic accessories and neutral or white crockery. Complete the look with stripped and stained floorboards, if you're not lucky enough to have the originals then opt for a wood-effect tile as you'll have the added bonus of underfloor heating capabilities - a definite modern touch!



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