Mixed Metals

The current trend for metallic brings an earthy look and feel to most aesthetics, allowing for pops of texture and interest around the room, however choosing just one metal can eventually make the space look dull. Mixing metals is easier than you may think and gives you the clever balance of warm classic tones and the modern minimalism popular in current interior design.

Whether you're opting for some outlandish furniture or mix and match mirrors, there's no mistaking that they'll complement each other perfectly.

Adding metal into your bathroom

Our new range of unique Foundry™ Trims will create the perfect finish for your bathroom. Inspired by historic buildings we have created a collection of brass trims that embody both luxury and nature.

Available in three finishes and two edge types, each trim is handcrafted and individually finished in the UK to create an authentically aged look. As a ‘living' product, the natural process of oxidisation results in an organic looking patina on the surface; altering and enhancing the appearance of the trim depending on the environment so no two trims are the same. If desired, the natural process can be slowed down by periodically applying beeswax to the trim's surface, perfect for those who want a unique, living product in their home.

Pair up your products

Marble is up there as one of the top home décor trends of 2016, and we're not expecting it to move over for 2017. Try mixing the Serac™ honed marble tile with your chosen trim, not only will it allow you to have a clean cut finish to your bathroom but metallic materials reflect light and will open up any space. There's no need for plain accessories!

Don't forget; we also have plenty of tile grout options, which is a great way to make your tiles stand out.

Trim transformations

Next year's interiors will be all about the details, so whether it's mixing up what you already have or completely transforming your room, our hand finished, artisan trim range will give your tiles a neat finish.

Decorating your home has turned into much more than just a new coat of paint, the interior of your home shows off your personality, and most of all your individuality.



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