Create A Statement With Mosaics

Mosaics have always been a firm favourite amongst homeowners and traders. Their ability to instantly uplift even the smallest of spaces makes them a versatile option when planning a room revamp. With a variety of options available you can easily achieve the look you want quickly and easily whether you're looking for something timeless or more of the moment.

Herringbone Charm

Having already been cut into a herringbone pattern and attached onto a mesh base, the Sharme mosaic is perfect for those DIYers looking for an on-trend mosaic without the hassle of fixing a fiddly pattern.

This collection of molten glass mosaics has something for everyone. Humbug and Caramel feature a clever marbling effect by adding small pigments of greys and beige to a white base. These create a calming aesthetic, perfect for a classic neutral bathroom whilst the more bold and colourful will be drawn to the bright hues of Seagrass and Pewter. Featuring both a pearlescent and matt glass, the mixture of finishes in these two colours plays with the light creating a vibrant and playful look. Mix and match the colours to create an ombré effect as a splashback or even as a wall feature in a contemporary living area.

Metallic Fibres

For a subtle way to bring texture into your space, Yarn features delicate metallic glittery fibres that are embedded into the back of each individual square whilst the front remains sleek and smooth. The soft autumnal colour palette of the collection means it has the versatility to work in various rooms in the home in any season. Mix with marble and wood to create a contemporary looking splashback in your kitchen.

The New Geometric

Playing with the traditional hexagon, this new stretched shape mosaic offers a contemporary look following the tarnished metal trend. Available in two colours, Pewter Ash and Bronzed Latte, this molten mosaic is a gentler way to introduce modern geometrics into the home. The mixed finish features pearlescent and matt glass to create instant texture and interest making this mosaic a great futureproof choice.

For an eclectic look try mixing this mosaic with retro fixings from the 50's and early 60's whilst keeping the look fresh with angular accessories and clear glass.


Make any room in your house an Instagrammer's dream with marble! This luxurious natural stone is perfect for creating a soothing, neutral aesthetic with timeless appeal and is much more versatile than you might think. For a modern take on a classic bathroom, invest in some high quality heritage inspired fixtures like a console sink and dress it up with shimmering chrome and stand-alone accessories. A simple brick shaped mosaic with a narrow coordinating grout line will keep the look clean and fresh.

A natural stone mosaic utilises the excess of a cut stone which not only helps reduce waste but means you can achieve a high quality look for less than a full sized tile; perfect for those with a smaller budget.

Our new range of Carrara mosaics in both brick and square format will be available from the end of October.

Artisan Touches

Unless you're creating an abstract edge from a shaped mosaic then the likelihood is that you need to create a neat finish to your tiles. Foundry, a range of luxury brass trims, are handcrafted to create a unique aged look.

As a ‘living' product, the natural process of oxidisation results in an organic looking patina on the surface; altering and enhancing the appearance of the trim over time depending on the environment so no two trims are the same.

From October the Foundry trim will be available in three finishes and two edge types.



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