Transform Your Home with Travertine

With spring on its way, March is the perfect time to give your home a new lease of life. This year, it's all about drawing inspiration from the great outdoors and taking elements of nature to help transition your home between seasons.

Natural materials like travertine are perfect for creating a versatile and luxurious look. With its warm, earthy tones, travertine will add a hint of glamour and elegance to any room in your home; if you're looking for a truly dramatic look use travertine tiles across your walls and floors pairing the stone with rich dark wood furnishings.

Alternatively a travertine tile with a polished finish will help reflect a room's natural light, creating the illusion of space; one of our favourites is Aurelius Silver Travertine. For the most professional finish avoid using dark coloured adhesives and grouts as this could stain the travertine's natural colouring.

For more contemporary settings try adding a modern twist to rustic furnishings with a geometric shape. Our Hexagon Rustic Travertine is the perfect match with its soft beige tones and textured surface, not only are hexagons on trend but they're easier to lay than other more complex shapes.

Travertine is a fantastic material and available in three different grades to suit your budget. Just remember to always ‘back butter' each tile to ensure they are laid flat with one another.

For more information visit our style and inspiration page or ask our in-store specialists.


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