November Ideas for Your Home

This week, we're feeling very, very excited. Yes, the darkness has crept in early, the days are unavoidably chillier and we've finally given in and put the last of our summer clothes away for the rest of the year, but there's a bright spark in the not-so-distant future. Bonfire Night.

While you may have already started stocking up on sparklers or planning which rockets will be launching from your lawn, have you considered what this bright and colourful occasion can do for your home?

An explosion of colour

Be inspired by a rainbow of colours bursting in the night's sky and let fireworks shape your décor for really stunning results.

Mosaic tiles offer the perfect way to do this as they can be used on as much or as little wall space as you like - a bonus when you're using dark colours in small or windowless rooms. Solve the problem of deep colours absorbing light by choosing mosaic tiles with light-reflecting properties: whether in your kitchen or bathroom, our multi-faceted Diesel Black Square Mosaic tiles here will shimmer with an array of iridescent shades for a sophisticated way to add a new dimension to your home.

If your love the fiery golden glints that fizz from sparklers, take a look at our beautiful Shanghai Chocolate Mosaic tiles here - their pearlescent finish will bring your home to life.

Of course, if you're not afraid of going bold on a larger scale, why not let the thrill of Bonfire Night inspire you to bring a big burst of colour indoors? We have plenty of eye-catching shades to tempt you. Our popular Metro range offers everything from fiery red and saffron colours to rich purple, pink and plum.

Flames and cosiness

You can't beat the lovely cosy feeling of standing with your friends and family in front of a bonfire, all hands and faces warmed by the glowing heat. Capture some of this cosiness in your home by evoking Bonfire Night with candles and aroma.

We think tea-light candles in plain or decorated jars look lovely, but if you want to go one step further and create a collection of 'mini bonfires' around your home, take a look at this pin. It's a lot safer than it sounds!

For a truly authentic atmosphere, fill your home with the subtle smell of woody embers, spice and a hint of those sugary sweet treats. Look for scented candles or home fragrances with vanilla, cinnamon, mixed spice, orange and patchouli or sandalwood notes.

Wrap up warm

Out in the elements, the crowds at a fireworks display will be well wrapped up in a sea of scarves, knitted jumpers and cosy coats with fur-trimmed hoods. In your home, feel the benefit and create the same comfy atmosphere by stocking up on knitted throws for your sofa or bed and faux-fur rugs to add a homely touch to laminate or tiled flooring.

Enjoy Bonfire Night - and all its inspiration!

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