The Indoor/Outdoor Trend with Spaces™

The current trend for bringing the outside in reflects our love of the great outdoors, but increasingly we are looking to use our gardens as multi-function outdoor rooms; bringing the inside out and extending our living space into the garden. 

Sustainability and nature is a timeless trend and natural materials are often used to create a versatile background that you can accessorise with the seasons, whether rich autumnal colours or the fresh shades of spring.

Many of the materials popular in this trend are inspired by nature and bring together a medley of earthy tones and wood themes. Reclaimed wood is particularly popular with the raw character and beauty of each plank allowing you to create a truly unique design. Stone-effect is also a huge trend that's set to stand the test of time due to its durability and timeless appeal.

One of the struggles of creating a seamless living space between the outdoors and our homes is finding tiles that are suitable for both climates. To combat this, we've worked with a Red Dot Design Award-winning supplier to produce a new range of tiles called Spaces™. This innovative collection features the very latest Serafoam technology, which enables these unique tiles to seamlessly combine your indoor space with the outdoors.

This exclusive range of 60x60cm porcelain tiles has been created using the latest inkjet technology which gives an authentic stone effect, but without the associated cost of natural stone or the need for sealing and maintenance. And thanks to its lightweight properties and affordability, it's easy for DIYers to lay their own patio and use the same tile design indoors to create one continuous look. You can find laying instructions and a handy video over on our Advice Blog.

Available in ten different designs, there are two versions of each tile, one suitable for use indoors and one identical (to the untrained eye!) for use outdoors. The difference between the two is that the outdoor Spaces™ tiles come with a 30mm layer of Serafoam on the bottom which is resistant to temperature extremes and frost, making it perfect for use in cold British gardens!

Making your outdoor area feel a little more ‘indoorsy' can be achieved by taking trinkets like candles and cushions outside. These will not only make your garden look more stylish, they'll also encourage you to use the space frequently and spend more time outside. If you follow a similar décor theme to your interior style, you'll create a look that flows seamlessly from the inside out.

If you can afford to splash out, we'd recommend installing bi-fold doors which stretch across a wall in your kitchen or living room and open directly into your garden. They create floods of natural light and an open feel between your home and garden.


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