Introducing Geometric Patterns Into Your Home

Earlier this year we blogged about incorporating tactile geometrics into your home, where we saw delicate patterns being introduced into the world of interior trends. Whilst this trend is set to stay for the foreseeable future, we're also seeing a rush of ‘traditional' geometrics emerging.

When you think of geometrics, you will most likely instantly be drawn to thinking about 1970s patterns that come in bold shades of yellow and orange. But fear not, this trend has evolved to become versatile in the modern day, transforming completely to include softer lines, subtle tones and contemporary colours.

Geometric shapes and patterns add instant visual interest to a room and create a focal point to which you can base the rest of your room decor around. They create a contemporary yet retro feel in a space which can be accessorised with Art Deco-style cushions, frames and prints for a bold & colourful look or you can try a more soft, neutral theme for a more toned down feel.

When introducing patterns into your home, think about them as an accent or focal point to a room rather than going all-out and covering all your walls in bright prints (unless this is the look you're after of course!). A little goes a long way with patterns and by simply accessorising your newly patterned wall or floor with some accent cushions or wall prints, you can carry the theme throughout the room without the pattern becoming overbearing.

Geometric tiles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from beautifully veined marble hexagons to muted tone arabesques. Try combining different shades from the same range, such as our Pathrian range, to create subtle mix of colours that will give your wall or floor timeless character and charm.

Our GeomentoTM range is inspired by 1930's Art Deco, downplaying harsh architectural lines with blurred pastels and a five pattern variation that creates a sinuous pattern on either the wall or floor.

Still unsure about introducing pattern into your home? Try ordering a sample of a geometric-inspired mosaic (try our Rhombi-Pressed Black Mosaic) you could turn into a small sink splashback or make a couple of cushion covers with some printed fabric. Starting small will give you the chance to explore the trend in your home before deciding how big you want to go. 


Image credits

Black mosaic kitchen - Rhombi-Pressed Black Mosaic

Geometric bathroom - GeomentoTM

Hexagon kitchen - Hexagon Rustic Travertine


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