Furniture Style Guide for Autumn/Winter

This is a guest blog post by the lovely folk over at Furniture Choice

Home styles for autumn and winter are all about embracing the falling temperature outside the window and cosying up in the warm.

While the temptation to go into full-on hibernation mode may be overwhelming, it can be quite simple to gain a harmonious style that's perfect for winter nights in front of the fire, but doesn't quite shut out the outer world altogether. For example, in summer, tropical prints and colours were in – palm tree patterns, and bright greens, blues and yellows to bring the beach indoors. In autumn and winter, it's all about embracing nature in a different way.

Natural touches

The wintery log cabin aesthetic is always a popular choice come winter time, so embrace it with leather and dark wood furniture in a rustic chic style. Sheesham wood is ideal for this, as it reacts to variations in temperature to naturally weather, giving each piece a well-worn and totally unique look and feel.

Traditional sideboards are an in-demand item this autumn, as they add to that cosy, homey vibe perfectly – the ideal place to rest a pot of tea, lantern light, or a modern air plant.

Choose dark and earthy greens, greys and browns for style themes, and faux-fur rugs, blankets and cushions to create a Nordic feel that you won't be able to resist curling up in. It's also the perfect time of year to swap blinds for thicker curtains – window coverings don't need to keep light out so much as keep warmth in at this time of year, so heavy curtains that can be drawn at night and thrown open to make the most of the daylight are ideal.

In the dining room create a refined industrial look by mixing old with new. A solid, rustic wood table with modern white gloss and chrome legged chairs is a great option. We love the DSR chair with its unique 20th century design for this look.

A warm metallic mix

In summer, there's a tendency to go wild with warmer tones, such as orange, yellow, terracotta, or Pantone's colour of the year, Marsala, that look great in the bright sunlight. In the colder months, these feel a little bit out of place.

But there's no need to banish warm tones from the home entirely – warm doesn't necessarily have to mean summery, after all. Warm metals, specifically gold tones, have been increasingly popular over the past few years, and this season's style will be seeing liberal application of copper, brass and rose gold.

Brass is a classic furniture option. A slightly more muted – and traditionally less expensive – alternative to glitzy gold, the brass bedstead instantly captures an antique feel. But rose gold is a relatively new trend for 2015, so stay ahead of the curve with this warm and colourful metal.

Whether you go all out with rose gold furniture, or limit its application to a few ornaments on your dark wood sideboard, it's sure to add a rosy glow to your home during the colder months.

Textures and patterns

In addition to your woods, metals and faux-furs, make sure your home overflows with comfortable materials and textures during the winter months, so there's a perfect spot for everyone to curl up. This year's must have fabric colour is grey so choose a nice thick, rustic weave either in your sofa, rugs or cushions.

Summer patterns tend to be quite bright and colourful – this winter, focus on deeper, more natural colours. Wide charcoal stripes and artisan designs are perfect for the season, and add a more modern chic feeling than the traditional wintery plaids and tartans that tend to appear – especially as Christmas approaches.

Large rugs are perfect for warming up a room in winter. Aztec patterns featuring indigo blue and cream work exceptionally well with dark wood, be it a dining set or coffee table.

As the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder, we hope our tips help you give your home a cosy makeover. Stick the kettle on, visit Furniture Choice and find the furniture to see out winter nights in style and comfort.


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