We Meet Rock My Style’s Brand Manager Lauren

A couple of weeks ago, we were featured on the lovely Rock My Style blog where we talked about some of our favourite tiling and interior trends. As big fans of Rock My Style, we thought we'd give Brand Manager Lauren (better know as Lolly) a bit of a grilling to find out what it's like to work on one of the UK's biggest lifestyle blogs. 

1. For anyone who might not be familiar with Rock My Style, could you give us an overview of what it's all about?

Sister blog to Rock My Wedding (most influential brand in the UK wedding industry according to one of the World's leading media agencies), Rock My Style brings unrivalled inspiration in interiors, beauty, fashion and wellbeing. We aim to provide our readers with a little bit of escapism every day and perhaps enable a beauty purchase or two along the way…

2. What's your role in the running of the blog?

Officially I'm Brand Manager for Rock My Ltd which means that I look after and promote the entire Rock My Ltd brand for both of our existing blogs - Rock My Wedding and Rock My Style and for our brand new family orientated blog which will be launching in October. Essentially that means building relationships and collaborating on projects with other like-minded brands as well as maximising content across both blogs' respective social media channels; I also write for both blogs as well.

3. What does a typical day look like for you?

That's a tricky one since no two days are alike. One morning I could be writing an interiors post for Rock My Style or putting together a wedding for Rock My Wedding and the next I could be on set styling an Instagram shoot using products from new brands that we want our readers to know about.

Just recently various members of the team have been working on everything from a government backed project at Notley Abbey to munching away on Charbonnel & Walker on a De Beers shoot surrounded by diamonds. Since the entire Rock My Ltd team (there's nine of us in total) work from home we also make sure that we meet up regularly to plot our next step in world domination. All fuelled by party rings and chocolate brownies of course.

4. Do you have a particular interest in home interiors in your personal life, or is it something that has grown with the blog?

My background is actually in interior design and in my previous life I was accepted on training programme in the construction industry to become a project manager. Oh the glamour! Life has a funny way of not turning out how you planned which is never a bad thing since it's equipped me in so many ways for my current role. In short though, I adore interiors and I think it's safe to say that it's one of my biggest passions. I'm always looking for the next big renovation project so it's pretty handy that my husband has his own building firm to help me along the way.

5. We noticed you're renovating your own house at the moment. Could you describe the style you're going for in this house?

If you'd asked me this question five years ago I would have probably said Scandinavian inspired minimalism; all white walls and zero clutter. Since purchasing our new house however I've taken a bit of a forty five degree turn. I still love neutrals but I'm veering towards soft greys and smokey greens with a dose of stylish cosiness if such a thing exists. In an ideal world I'd love a Plain English or deVOL kitchen but they're a bit out of our price range at the moment.

On my wishlist for the new house though is some amazing Crucial Trading carpet, a Chesney woodburner for the snug, Artisau tiles from Topps Tiles for the utility room and a White Company headboard for the bedroom. I think the style would probably be described as understated luxury whilst trying to cater for the little one's needs too. The house will need to grow with us so I'm future proofing now by building in lots of storage, hardwearing and stain proof fabrics and investing in key pieces that with stay with us for the long haul.

6. Are there any favourite stand-out pieces in your home that you absolutely love?

I was lucky enough to receive the Ercol Love Seat from my parents for my birthday this year which was incredibly generous of them. It's a piece I've lusted after for a long time after spotting one in Margaret Howell's store many moons ago and has appeared on my wishlist every year since! I was gobsmacked then when a huge parcel arrived the morning of my birthday from Ercol with my dream piece inside. Since we're not ready to move into our home just yet I've incorporated it into the layout of my bedroom and accessorised it with a beautiful grey blanket from online store The Future Kept. When we finally move into our own home, I'll be styling it on our rather sizeable landing.

7. Where do you find inspiration for your Rock My Style posts?

My personal posts on Rock My Style tend to revolve around three topics, interiors, gardening and maternity or more specifically around my experience of being a first time mum. The maternity posts are inspired by my nearly one year old Hector, be it a tour around his nursery, a peek into his wardrobe or even just sharing my thoughts about what he's getting up to. He's a constant source of delight and blogworthy material in himself.

Interior Design has always been a passion of mine, something I share with Deputy Editor Lauren (yes another Lauren!) so between us we talk about the popular trends that are making waves (hello beautiful herringbone tiles and copper!) and the next big project for our respective homes. Magazines, Instagram and Pinterest all play their part too; there are lots of talented folks out there that keep our creative juices flowing.

8. We're a big fan of your home tours, but what's your favourite kind of piece to feature on Rock My Style?

You're not alone; so many of our readers tell us that they adore our home tours so this is something we'll be looking to feature more of in the future. Stay tuned! From a personal perspective, aside from the interiors related posts, I really love our beauty features. I should warn you though, Rock My Style founder Charlotte O'Shea is such an enabler - I've spent hundreds because of her. I'm pleased to say that everything I've purchased is worth it though.

9. And finally, tell us one thing people would be surprised to know about you.

I'm actually a dab hand at laying parquet floors! In our last house, my husband and I sourced an old oak gym floor from eBay and lovingly cleaned and relaid it all by hand across the entire bottom floor. We spent hours cleaning bitumen from the bottom of the blocks in the freezing cold! I think it nearly broke him but it was by far the best £200 we invested into the property and remains our biggest home bargain to date.


Image credits

Kitchen: deVOL Kitchens

Stove: Chesney's Stoves

Love seat: Ercol

Tiles: Topps Tiles Artisau range


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