A Guide To Mixing Materials

Mixing materials and elements such as colour and texture in a room is more important than you might think. Allowing yourself to mix and match different styles and patterns in interior design fills a room with interest, depth and keeps it from looking flat. It also means you're able to add things to the space as time goes on without anything looking out of place. Whilst mixing materials is on-trend at the moment, it's also a classic go-to style for many interior designers. To help you on your way, we've put together some of our top tips below.

Choose your theme

The best thing about decorating from scratch is you can take your time in choosing your theme. Whether you're remodelling your kitchen to create a mix of rustic and industrial style, or redecorating your bathroom to include a mix of rugged wood with sleek fixtures, take your time to think about the style you're trying to create and what will work best for your home. You'll find lots of inspiration on sites such as Pinterest, or in our Style & Inspiration area. Create your own moodboard, mixing and matching different styles, patterns, materials and swatches until you've created the look you want.

Keep it simple

You don't have to go all out when thinking about mixing materials. Sometimes, the simple, subtle touches work just as well as contrasting furniture. We'd recommend contrasts such as rustic brass taps with a sleek marble surface in a kitchen or contrasting textured cushions on a grey sofa for example. These small changes are great ways to incorporate a theme into a room without having to redecorate. Another simple tip to stop a room feeling too ‘harsh' with mixed materials is to introduce a textured rug which softens the feel of a space.

Mixing textures

Another simple way to introduce some contrast into a room, is to mix different textures on the same surface. For example, our exclusive Mixara range is perfect for both walls and floors and has been designed with six different finishes – perfect for creating a real style statement in your home.

Know when enough is enough

Probably the most difficult part of mixing materials is knowing when a room is ‘finished'. Unless you're after a really eclectic, vintage look, it's best to stick to around three themes in a room. Always try and use the same undertone when it comes to materials such as wood and stone, as this will really pull the style together and keep the room feeling welcoming and put together.

When in doubt, use white

A final great tip from Freshome is to use get yourself some white paint when you're stuck for ideas. It looks especially good with wooden floors but also opens up a space with a clean, fresh look that's the perfect backdrop to an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories. Whether your room is full of copper accessories, wooden or industrial-style furniture, you can bet it'll all come together with a lick of white paint on the walls.


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