My Style: Meet Andrea & Scott

Join us with the third of our 'My Style' series as we take a look around a real home and discover what influenced the owner's interior style. This week, we meet nursery owner Andrea as she shows us around hew new bathroom suites. 

Who lives here? Andrea, owner of a children's nursery and Scott, founder of a family run business with their 2 children Will (21) & Charlotte (25). Their house is also home to dogs Millie, Bella, Ruby & Dora, and cats Dot, Loupin & Seth

Property: A renovated 4 bedroom house bought in 2011

Rooms decorated: Family bathroom and master en-suite 

1. Where did you find inspiration when thinking about decorating your home?

For our en-suite, I knew I wanted a Victorian style bathroom with traditional features, even though our house is relatively new, so I took inspiration from interior design magazines to try and re-create the look in our home. We used lots of mixed materials to make the style of the room as authentic as possible. In the family bathroom, we opted for a more contemporary and fun look with a nautical theme.

2. Was style an important factor to you when choosing your tiles?

Yes, definitely. The tiles were the most expensive fixtures in the bathrooms overall so we wanted them to last for a long time and still look fresh. We ordered lots of samples whilst deciding what to buy which was really helpful when it came to matching colours and deciding on paint etc.

3. How would you describe your own personal style?

I'd say it's quite eclectic – fairly traditional country with a twist of modern style and a hint of vintage mixed in!

4. Did your tile choice influence the style of the rest of the room, or did you choose your tiles based on colours and styles you'd already picked out?

A bit of both! We knew our en-suite was going to have a Victorian feel so we were fairly sure we'd use brick effect tiles and chose Chic Grey, but surprised ourselves when we chose Accord Autumn Blush glass mosaics to go alongside them! With the family bathroom we were set on a fairly neutral theme so we could update the colours & accessories easily in a few years so chose Seattle Beige for the walls. We also went with Eris Frost Mosaic which add a focal point to the room.

5. Which tile has turned out to be your favourite now they're in your home?

All of them! I'm really pleased with both rooms as they feel so light and spacious. We opted for Devon Bone on both floors which looks just like real stone and I love it!

6. Which of the rooms was the most challenging to redecorate?

Probably our en-suite. When it came to laying the Chic Grey tiles we found it difficult to randomly vary the three different shades so it looked spontaneous rather than a set pattern. They look fantastic though now they're up.

7. What did you learn during the project?

Patience! Also, when laying mosaics we found a mosaic mesh really helpful.

8. Which room is your favourite?

Our en-suite bathroom, it's completely my style and I love it!

9. What are your top tips when redecorating your home?

Get as much inspiration as possible, don't be afraid to mix styles and go with what you like most - it'll all come together in the end.

10. Do you have any more projects on the horizon?

We'd like to re-tile the kitchen splashback next. I really love the Minton Hollins range so am hoping we'll be able to incorporate some of these tiles.


We think you'll agree Andrea & Scott have done a fantastic job redesigning their bathrooms! Stay tuned for another edition in our 'My Style' series soon! 

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