Meet the Stylist: Emma Fishman

In this week's blog post, we interview interiors expert Emma Fishman to get a little insight into her job as a freelance stylist and find out what trends she thinks will be big for interiors in the coming months. She also gives us a peek into her own style, with some fantastic ideas on how to bring some colour into your home.

What big trends will we see in 2015 for interior design?

Monochrome is making a big comeback with the classic combinations of black and white, seen above at M&S. Tropical brights are also bursting onto the high street with big florals and vivid pops of colour. We also can't get enough of Scandi-style living. Simple, unfussy shapes yet functional pieces will create the look seen at Tesco.

How do you think people can translate these trends into their homes?

You don't need to make any huge design statements in the room if you don't want to. It's still possible to create the latest vibe with more subtle touches. If you wanted to create a theme in your living room for example, I would stick to just one or two colours and accessories with lamps, cushions perhaps a rug to bring the scheme together.

How would you describe your own interior style?

I love huge prints, bright patterns, large pots and vases and plenty of colour. If I opt for a more neutral scheme though, then I love to add lots of pattern and texture to a room. I love anything unusual or handmade…I suppose my style is eclectic.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Trips abroad, nature and of course going to design shows and launches of new products. I always look forward to hearing about new trends. I love sitting down with all my samples, tiles, carpet, wallpaper, paint etc and trying to make a scheme come together. I try to incorporate as much pattern and colour as possible, whether it's on the walls and floors or just with accessories.

Which three objects do you think can completely transform a room?

The flooring can make a huge difference and totally transform the room. The Nayara Polished range is a great example of this. An impressive floor can give the room a much-needed focal point to a plain room. Pick out the same tones around the room, in this case, earthy browns and creams, to bring the scheme together.

Lighting can also change a room. Table lamps, wall lights and floor lamps will help create a cosy ambiance. Walls are probably, apart from your floor, the largest surface in the room so wallpaper is going to make a huge difference. 

If you have the budget to only decorate one area of your home, which would you pick?

That's a tricky one…I'm constantly redecorating! I think the hallway is quite important but that's only because I like to create a welcoming first impression to visitors but really the most important room is the kitchen. I love to cook and bake and this room has to be functioning and a pleasant room to work in. My dream is to have an open plan kitchen onto a dining area so I don't have to be separated from family and guests when entertaining and cooking. I'm cooking for ten people at least once a week. I have a twin sister and we both have three children each. I have to have a room that's big enough to sit ten regularly so I suppose that's a large kitchen diner. This is the room I would concentrate on if I had to choose one room. 

Imagine you can only use varying shades of one colour to decorate a room, which colour would you choose?

That's a difficult one for me because I normally use more than one colour, but I'm loving yellow at the moment, especially now that it's getting sunnier outside too. Paler more muted shades can create a calmer more serene feel in a room, great for bedrooms but I personally like to splash plenty of rich tones around to add a bit of punch. A darker palette will give the room an intimate feel that's warm and cosy. I like to mix and match lots of pattern using the same colour palette to add interest. Yellow gives a great splash of colour to a monotone room painted in greys and whites. 

What advice would you give to any aspiring stylists?

Be brave and go with your initial instincts. Try not to overthink it too much. Take into account the style of the room, and what function the room plays in your home. Also consider how much natural light the room has when thinking about colour and pattern.

Name three of your favourite things.

My most treasured things in life are my family, good health and laughter.

Finally, what's the one piece of advice you'd give to anyone renovating or re-styling their home at the moment?

Start with one treasured object like a cushion or piece of fabric that you love and use it as a starting point for your colour scheme.


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