My Style: Meet Deborah & Dean

Join us with the second of our 'My Style' series as we take a look around a real home and discover what influenced the owner's interior style. This week, we meet our Marketing Manager Deborah who lets us take a peek inside her newly decorated home. 

Who lives here? Deborah, a Marketing Manager, Dean, a Painter & Decorator, 2 children and 2 cats

Property: A family home bought in 2009

Rooms decorated: Bathroom, shower room & downstairs washroom

1. Where did you find inspiration when thinking about decorating your home?

There is so much inspiration around us, it's sometimes difficult to know where to start! We used interior magazines as a starting point and saved pictures that we liked. We also followed a number of 'home interior' sites on Twitter & Facebook to gather hints & tips and created a folder of all our ideas.

2. Was style an important factor to you when choosing your tiles?

Yes definitely, we wanted to inject some of our personality into our home, but it was also important that the tiles were practical and hardwearing to stand up to the hustle and bustle of our busy household!

3. How would you describe your own personal style?

Classic with an eclectic twist! We tend to go for decor that will stand the test of time so use neutrals such as greys, creams and browns as a backdrop to each room but inject our own personality by adding pieces we have collected on our travels.

4. Did your tile choice influence the style of the rest of the room, or did you choose your tiles based on colours and styles you'd already picked out?

The colour and style of the tiles were influenced by the pieces that we wanted to include in each room i.e. ammonites and fossils that we had found near Whitby; a slate love heart that we'd bought in Wales and a piece of volcanic lava that we brought back from our Honeymoon to Iceland. In the bathroom we chose Pompeii in Mink as the colour complemented our piece of lava perfectly and from a practical point-of-view, the hardwearing porcelain would stand up to family bath-times! We chose Bengal Autumn for the shower room as we wanted to create a boutique-hotel wetroom look even down to the rainforest shower. For the downstairs washroom, Dean chose Tabula Ice for the floor and used Terre Charcoal Mix for the windowsill and sink splashback.

5. Which tile has turned out to be your favourite now they're in your home?

That's really difficult to answer as they are all very different, but I think Tabula has to be the favourite as everyone who visits our home gets to see it and so many people have asked if it's real wood!

6. Which of the rooms was the most challenging to redecorate?

The bathroom was the most challenging. This was mainly down to the plumbing work, but everything was on a tight schedule for this room so things had to be spot on, first time!

7. What did you learn during the project?

Project management skills are everything when dealing with tradespeople! We learnt that it is really important to be very descriptive with what you are expecting and don't be afraid to say if you are not happy.

8. Which room is your favourite?

I have to say the downstairs washroom because this is the room my hubby completed in secret! He asked advice from the team at Topps and also watched the how-to videos online and then set about completing the room himself as a surprise for me whilst I was away for few days with work.

9. What are your top tips when redecorating your home?

Be patient and take your time in choosing your style! Gain as much inspiration as you can. Lots of people use tester pots of paint when looking to decorate their home which is a relatively quick and easy project, so I would recommend buying some sample tiles to lay out and see what they look like in your own home before making your final decision.

10. Do you have any more projects on the horizon?

We are going to enjoy our garden this Summer, but we are hoping to do the hallway this Autumn and hopefully the kitchen next year.


We think you'll agree that Deborah and Dean have done a fantastic job in decorating their bathrooms! 

Keep your eye out for our next 'My Style' interview coming soon.


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