My Style: Meet Jenny & Darren

Join us with the first of our 'My Style' series as we take a look around one of our customer's homes and discover what influenced their interior style. This week, we meet Jenny who takes us through her home's interior renovation. 

Who lives here? Darren, a Project Manager, & Jenny, a Buyer, with daughter Grace and another baby on the way.

Property: A 1930's renovated semi

Rooms decorated: Kitchen, Bathroom & Hallway

1. Where did you find inspiration when thinking about decorating your home?

We got inspiration from so many places. Pinterest and Instagram are both great places for ideas. Also Interior Decorating magazines and blogs are brilliant. We spent a month last year travelling round Asia and always get inspiration and pick up pieces on our travels.

2. Was style an important factor to you when choosing your tiles?

Definitely. We wanted tiles that looked stylish and contemporary and really made a statement. However we also wanted them to be able to stand the test of time as tiles are not as quick and easy to update as paint colours and we think we have achieved both.

3. How would you describe your own personal style?

Fairly contemporary but with a touch of glamour. Our home is naturally becoming more functional with the arrival of children but it is definitely still possible to be stylish and functional. We tend to buy most things for both home and fashion from mainstream high street stores but try to hunt around for original pieces to mix in to create a more unique style.

4. Did your tile choice influence the style of the rest of the room, or did you choose your tiles based on colours and styles you'd already picked out?

The tiles influenced the rest of the design of the rooms in most cases. We chose the Botella tiles for the bathroom before anything else and selected paint colours etc around them. The Hallway was also decorated around the Vintage Grey floor tiles. In the Kitchen we had chosen most of the fixtures and colours before we chose the wall tiles. We were originally going to select something a bit plainer but now we are so glad we went bold! The Stamford tiles really bring everything else together and are so gorgeous we are completely in love with them.

5. Which tile has turned out to be your favourite now they're in your home?

We really love them all but our favourite is probably the Vintage Grey in the Hallway. As they are the first ones you see when you come into the house they have a really big impact and we get a lot of comments on how lovely they are.

6. Which of the rooms was the most challenging to redecorate?

The bathroom was challenging as it is a very small space. We didn't want it to be too plain but were aware that choosing something very bold could really dominate the space and make it a bit suffocating. We went for a strip of mosaic tiles on a feature wall to add colour and interest without being overwhelming and we are really please with how it turned out.

7. What did you learn during the project?

We've learnt so much! And we still are… We've learnt an awful lot of personal skills: resilience, tolerance, patience. Dealing with Builders and Tradesmen and project managing tests your organisational skills and there are always a lot of problems that arise that challenge your problem solving skills. Obviously we've also learnt a lot of technical skills along the way as well and are now DIY experts!

8. Which room is your favourite?

The kitchen is our favourite room in the house. It really is the heart of the home and we do everything in there from cooking and eating to homework and craft projects. It has a really warm and lovely feel to it and is both cosy in the Winter and bright and sunny in the Summer.

9. What are your top tips when redecorating your home?

Be brave! The rooms where we played it safest are the only rooms where we have regrets about our choices. Remember that you are the people who live there and have to like the décor, try not to worry about what other people may think.

10. Do you have any more projects on the horizon?

The garden is our project for the summer and then the Nursery before baby arrives in September.


We think you'll agree that Jenny and Darren have done a fantastic job with their home renovation! 

Keep your eye out for our next 'My Style' interview coming soon.



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