Inspiration: Creating a Country Home

Spring is on its way, but if you can't wait to shed the dark and dreary feeling of winter, let our guide to spring-inspired décor bring an early ray of sunshine into your home. From colours and materials to motifs, we explore the must-have pieces to create the perfect look, inspired by all the beauty of the countryside in spring.

Country kitchen

In the kitchen, mix and match pretty patterned china and rustic earthenware for a unique and homely look, displaying your crockery in an open-front dresser for that iconic farmhouse look. Don't get caught up with trying to stick to a particular colour palette, instead choose a single shade to run throughout your otherwise contrasting décor and accessories; this will bring the look together without limiting you.

Since some of the very best features of a country kitchen are likely to be one-offs sourced from craft fairs or independent shops (or designed to give that impression) it's great not to be restricted by a colour scheme. Our Stamford tiles provide the perfect way to have fun with complementary colourways - start mixing it up! 

Living room

Home comforts are key in your living room, but in spring you want them to look fresh, not stuffy. Fend off any evening chills with throws and pretty rugs you'll want to sink your toes into, choosing pastel shades, uplifting brights and nature-inspired prints to keep them spring-like.

The fabrics you choose are important too; swap out winter's faux fur, velour and wool for crisp clean cotton and linen. They offer plenty of choice when it comes to motifs, so choose from floral or botanical prints, or why not embrace the insect-print trend with butterfly or bug-printed fabrics?


Wicker is the perfect material for a country-inspired bathroom. From laundry baskets to stacking storage, choose it in muted shades rather than richer gold tones - take a look at this subtly stylish laundry room for inspiration.

We love the pairing of wicker with grey and white for a functional not fussy finish, and the rustic stone floor tiles are a feature this room simply couldn't go without. Our Flagstone Sambonet stone tiles would recreate the look beautifully.


The perfect country bedroom is a mixture of uplifting colour and fresh simplicity. Bright feature walls, pops of pastel colours and plenty of white all create the look, while natural and white-washed wood is an almost essential element to marry this décor style up with its countryside surroundings - or imagined surroundings, if you're reading this from a home in the city! Our wood flooring will create the perfect foundation for a nature-inspired bedroom.

Roll on, spring!

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