Create a Stress-Free Home

Our homes should make us feel good, not stressed. From simple additions to small home improvements, we suggest six things to help make your house that little bit more soothing. 

Go mostly clutter-free…

There's no need to turn your house into a minimalist's dream, but clearing out clutter will help you feel calmer when you're at home. You don't need to wait until spring to have a spring clean - why not do it this weekend? Don't be afraid to get rid of things you don't need, like or want - if you donate them you can feel good about helping charity, and you're sure to feel good about the extra space you'll be left with. 

…But embrace a little 'good' clutter

Maintaining a home where everything is in its place is difficult; for those with children it's almost impossible! Rather than setting unrealistic standards throughout the house, consider creating a designated play area for kids. This will not only help keep the rest of the house stylish and neat, it could mean they feel a sense of pride in having their very own space, something that may encourage them to keep it fairly neat of their own accord. We love the Playtime range of laminate flooring - a choice of fun designs on resilient and hygienic laminate. 

Brightening blooms

Fresh flowers not only brighten up a room, they have a calming, uplifting effect on the mood. Why not grab a stylish vase or two and treat yourself to a few seasonal stems?

Feel-good florals

A bouquet of flowers isn't the only way to enjoy nature's soothing presence in your home. Floral and botanical prints are a stylish and homely décor choice - take a look at the Natura Purple tiles here, or these sleek and simple Antic Blanco Delft patterned tiles. Both are perfect for creating a feeling of harmony.

Choose a dedicated calm place

Whether you're lucky enough to have a window seat or you simply have a little corner where you could pop a few oversized cushions, creating a dedicated space where you can go to unwind will help you feel calmer at home. Make sure you only use it to do relaxing things such as reading, sketching or listening to music so it'll have peaceful connotations in your mind.

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