Christmas Recipes

Here at Topps Tiles, we've always made it our mission to help you transform your kitchen into a place you love. This week, we bring you some of our favourite festive recipes - with a twist - all ready to ignite your love of what comes out of the kitchen this Christmas! Let's get adventurous...

An Indian alternative to the traditional fruit cake

Why not mix things up this year with a little Indian inspiration? A Kerala Plum Cake uses the same principles as British fruit cake (where you soak the dried fruit in rum for around a month before making the cake) but uses a colourful selection of fruits and delicious spices to give the end result a real twist. We challenge you to follow this recipe and not feel festive!

The meat-free option

No longer will the meat-eaters around your table look at you with pity in their eyes as they tuck into their main course. The Festive Fillet with Orange and Pomegranate Sauce recipe here from the Vegetarian Society ticks all the boxes - from its perfectly-baked fillets to its scrumptious breadcrumb crust and its zesty sweet sauce. It's dairy-free too.

The "Why haven't I tried this before?" option

Parmesan shortbreads. We know, you probably need a moment to process this concept (so did we), but once you get your head - and your taste buds - around it, you'll understand why Nigella serves these up whenever she has friends coming over for supper. If you want a show-stopping starter this Christmas, we've a sneaking suspicion you've found it...

The perfect addition to roast beef

The traditional roast beef accompaniment, Horseradish sauce can be a real table divider. Why not sidestep the flailing hands and gulping water ordeal for any unsuspecting guests by opting for a delicious tomato-based topping instead? This Roast Beef With Slow-Cooked Tomatoes and Garlic recipe gives all the extra flavour your Christmas joint could wish for, and no one will mistake it for bread sauce...

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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