DIY Resolutions for the New Year

A lot is due to change in 2013 - while last year was all about minimalism, the next 12 months will see a return to colour and warmth in the home. With that in mind, it's time to start looking at some DIY resolutions, and ways we can get our homes back on trend for the coming year.

Here are some of our favourites:

Revitalise the kitchen
It's fast becoming the busiest room in the house; these days we use the kitchen not just for cooking but for household cleaning, dining and even entertaining. Integrated design is key here, and a splash of colour is a great way to create a synergy between the kitchen and the rest of the house. One tiled wall in textures or block colours is a great way to make an impact.

Refresh the bathroom
Just as the kitchen is getting busier, the bathroom is turning into a place of peace and retreat. Even small shower rooms have become one of the last beacons of tranquillity in busy homes, so decorate in soothing colours to encourage relaxation - think blues, greens and pale hues. Large tiles will really open up the room, making it appear bigger, while an attractive brickwork tile design adds character and that designer touch.

Refurbish the floors
Tiled flooring tends to take on a distinctive Moroccan-inspired theme, especially with warm colours and attractive bordering around the room. If you'd prefer a more consistent colour rather than a pattern, consider stone-effect tiling, which contributes the same elegant aesthetic without the hefty price tag. Oak flooring is another great way to add a more natural look to your home, and will allow you to play with patterns without deviating from your colour scheme.

Reinvent and create
The modular nature of tiling means that you really can make what you want with it, whether that's a simple border around a bathroom for a spa-like appearance, or a large mosaic-style mural on one wall of the living room as a feature piece of interior décor. There's inspiration everywhere, and putting your own personal touch on a design scheme is ideal for those who want something completely unique.

Stick to the style budget!
As always, one of the top resolutions for most households this year is to spend less money. That doesn't have to stop you from decorating your home, though! Rather than spending thousands of pounds on your new design, spend some time researching to find the best value materials for the job. Our range of tiles starts at just £4.44m2 to help you make your budget go further, meaning you can be that little bit more creative in your design choices. By cutting your costs down, you can have a brand new interior design scheme for less, and keep your home refreshed and on trend throughout 2013!

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