Five Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look & Feel Bigger

Our bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, yet they need to be somewhere we can relax and clear our minds after a long day. It's therefore, vital that these often 'cosy' rooms have as much space as possible.

We've put together some of our favourite ways to making your bathroom feel and look a little bigger.

Choose your colours wisely
Pale and soft colour schemes are celebrated for their ability to add the illusion of space in a small room, and the bathroom is no exception. While it's best to keep these hues to paint and soft furnishings, you can add extra character to a room by using stronger colours in towels and accessories.

Brighten up with better lighting
Small bathrooms are often plagued by a lack of natural light due to smaller windows, and often ones that face in the wrong direction to capture a decent amount of sunlight through the day. As such, extra lighting should be added where you believe is best - it can be fitted to all sorts of places to open up a bathroom, whether it's recessed into the walls or ceiling, or simply fitted into strip lights or wall sconces.

Strike the right balance with tiling
Getting tiling correct in a small bathroom is arguably the most important thing; after all, the waterproofing that it provides, as well as the wipe-clean nature of the materials involved, make it indispensable to maintaining a great look. In a small bathroom, it's the size of the tiles that matters: too big, and the room may seem dwarfed; too small, and the grouting can become a little too predominant and look less attractive. Look to medium-sized tiles - such as our Metro range - and you could have it looking fantastic in no time.

Save space with a shower
Why have a space-taking bath when you could opt for a shower instead? If you only use your bath once in a blue moon, you can not only save room, but water; showers use, on average, much less water than a bath does. Even better, turn it into a wet room!

Clear the walls
The key to making a room feel spacious is to not have too much clutter. If you have lots of pictures on the wall, think of moving them to another room or cut them down to just one or two. A large mirror on one wall will also create an illusion of space.

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