Spring Cleaning: Blitz Your Home in a Day!

Despite the stiff, cold breezes as well as the occasional rain and snowstorms, Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the promise of warmer, brighter evenings! Still, getting excited about the way things will be outdoors is far from fun with disorder in your home - which is why you should really start considering that yearly Spring clean!

So, how should you plan it? Here's a solid schedule for you to follow that will ensure your home is clean from top to bottom!

First up: Bedroom

Start at the top of your house and work your way down. Clear up all the clutter from the windowsills, put those clothes you have piled on a chair back into their rightful place in your wardrobe and get dusting!

Rid yourself of clothes you won't wear again; take them to a charity shop or sell them. Then, organise clothes properly and neatly; if possible, put shoes in your wardrobe, or opt for under-bed storage.

Reconsider your storage options, too; there's a good chance you'll have some wasted space that could house all those shoes you 'need' to keep!

Second port of call: Bathroom

This may not exactly be the highlight of your round-the-house trip, but it's something you'll want to get out of the way early.

Make sure you give your toilet, bath, shower and sink a really good scrub. Other things to consider are cleaning or replacing the shower curtain, washing all glass, checking for damp, and cleaning around taps, plugholes, window sills, storage cabinets, etc. Also throw out any medication or products that are out of date or unneeded.

The floor is the most important thing to clean in a bathroom, and for good reason: hair, toothpaste, gels, makeup, dust and pre-washing grime can be everywhere. It's much the same for tiles on the wall, particularly in and around showers and baths. Scrub tiles and grout with special cleaner and shake out - or replace - rugs. You don't want to drag more dirt around the house, after all!

Third destination: Kitchen

On par with the bathroom as the hardest place to clean - at least in terms of motivating yourself - the kitchen should not present any real problems, if you do it properly.

As one of the most important assets in the room, the fridge is also one of the most chaotic things in the home. Firstly, take everything out of the fridge and wipe down the shelves and drawers with anti-bacterial spray; white vinegar is also great for getting rid of odours. With the fridge clean, throw away food you won't eat or are out of date. Part ways with the things you keep telling yourself you'll use, but never will.

De-crumb your toaster, clean the blades on your food processor, treat the microwave like you did the fridge, and don't forget taps, sinks, tiles and splashbacks. Don't overlook the oven, but remember that you can get specialist products that do 90 per cent of the cleaning for you before you even dive in. Finally, wipe down the kitchen surfaces.

The penultimate challenge: Living room

On face value, the living room may be the easiest place to clean - as the general showpiece of a home, it's usually kept cleaner than the rest. Still, what lies beneath may be a little less comforting.

The average living room has a TV, while others have speakers, Blu-ray players, games consoles, satellite TV boxes and stereo systems. With every single one comes a plug, as well as dozens of wires. Firstly, unplug absolutely everything and, using cable ties, pull them together to make them easier to change or identify. Remove unnecessary wires completely; dust off all electronic components, too, as they can really attract dirt!

The sofas and chairs see a lot of use, so remove cushions and shake them clean. Get the vacuum and run it around the gaps, though stick a pair of tights over the end in case you rescue the odd 50p, or hit the jackpot with a £2 coin. Additionally, dust shelves and windowsills, wash curtains (or at least vacuum them), and straighten up your DVD or book collections.

Finally: Vacuum EVERYTHING

Given that you'll naturally going to get the floors a little more grimy from a spring clean, take time at the end of the day to do your best Freddie Mercury impression and make all the floors spic and span. Now sit yourself down and marvel at your hard work. That wasn't too hard, was it?

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