Bring Spring into Your Home with Florals

As the cold weather tries its best to dull our spirits, the idylls of spring beckon with the promise of blue skies, mornings that are fresh not freezing, and of course, flowers in every shade imaginable.

When it comes to decorating your home ready for this milder season, the quickest way to let spring in is to pay homage to these colourful new blooms by embracing the floral trend that is big news in interior décor right now. But how do you ensure your nature-inspired projects look more wonderful than wild? Don't worry, we have it covered.

The bedroom
Create a traditional feminine look in a bedroom by using floral bedlinen, but set it against a neutral backdrop to ensure it really stands out without becoming overpowering. This means you can go as colourful as you like with your choice of bedding, but opt for cream, grey or white walls to keep things in balance.

The kitchen
It may come as a surprise to those used to striving for a minimalistic look in this room with the help of bare walls and block colours, but florals can be sleek. Far from being restricted to using ditzy-style repetitive patterns on tea towels and utensils, you can incorporate florals into your décor to create abstract art-style sophistication. How about creating a feature wall in your kitchen using our Natura Purple faux mosaic?

Of course, if you really want to embrace the new season in all its Technicolor brilliance, the kitchen is also the perfect place to do it. Consider painting dressers in mint green or cream shades then using them to display floral crockery and vases full of real flowers for a beautiful vintage-style look. Be sure to pick up the theme in the rest of the room, perhaps with the help of framed floral artwork or a printed tablecloth.

Floral patterns can still evoke springtime without the need for pinks, yellows and all the other typically 'flowery' colours, and the kitchen is the perfect place to prove this. Choose floral-patterned tiles in classic colours, like the Provenza Blanco Floral Décor tile, which comes in blue and white for a classic look, or why not go for something a little different by laying wooden flooring with a subtle floral pattern?

The Bathroom
For elegance and subtlety in your bathroom, let the floral trend in but choose muted shades and dramatic silhouettes rather than bright colours and obvious patterns. The Rosie Simmons Floral Damask range of tiles are perfect for this, as the patterns are striking enough to create a sense of luxury yet the clean lines are simple enough to avoid making your room look over-cluttered - especially important in a space that is on the smaller side.

Floral trends
The oriental look is big news in 2013 fashion, and, with delicate flower images at its heart, the trend is set to permeate interior décor, too. Embrace it using wallpaper patterned with far-reaching trees, delicate blossoms and exotic birds.

Ditzy print is a fun and striking way to use florals in your home. Dress your bed in the repetitive pattern, or give your sofa a new lease of life by throwing on as many ditzy print cushions as you can get your hands on.

Florals aren't necessarily girly and clashing can work. As men's magazine GQ recently discussed in its feature 'Rural Britannia', top designers have been dressing male models in rose-print suits matched with bright flowery shirts, so it's time to embrace spring's florals - in as many ways as you like - no matter who you are!

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