April Showers - Turn your Bathroom into a Wetroom

Most of us would happily embrace the joys of open-plan design in the living areas of our homes; after all, anything that means you can cook while still enjoying the company of your dinner guests has got to be a good thing, hasn't it?

But open-plan living needn't be contained to the more public areas of your house: a wetroom is an open shower space without steps or obstructions which allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of a luxury spa in your own home. The look is very modern, stylish and, thanks to its sleek lines and open spaces, easy to care for.

Benefits of a Wetroom

A wetroom is easier to maintain and clean that your average bathroom due to the lack of added surfaces. You'll also be able to clean the whole room quickly in one go without juggling all the cleaning products you own!

Wetrooms are also easy to access as they generally don't have any obstacles or steps.

You could also end up saving water as you'll be showering rather than filling up a bath. This means not only could you do your bit for the planet, you'll also be saving some pennies!

Wetrooms are among the most popular bathroom upgrades, so transforming yours into a wetroom could increase the value of your home.

Creating your own wetroom

The floor, walls and door all need to be sealed against flooding and leakages - you don't want your wet room turning into a wet house! It may sound like a challenge, but it needn't be!

Laying the foundations

First you'll need to decide how big you want your showering area. Our Topp-Dec moulded shower flooring comes in a range of sizes and features a 17mm gradient to the drainage point. Put simply, this means that water will flow to the gully rather than hanging around in the shower area. The flooring slots neatly over your existing floor.

For the rest of the room you'll need a water-resistant substrate on which to mount your waterproofing and tiles, making sure it sits flush with the Top-Dec in your shower area. You can create the right surface with a backerboard made from cement and sand.

You'll need to create a waterproof layer around your shower area with waterproof matting.

If you fancy underfloor heating to ensure your bathroom dries as quickly as possible, now's the time to install it.

Tiling time!

The tiles you choose are the secret weapon to transforming this stark open space into a luxurious and welcoming place to unwind. Stone pattern tiles are a classic and stylish choice - and one that top spas consistently choose - while darker shades can look beautifully modern.

To make the most of that fully integrated look, why not stick with one shade throughout the room? Just be sure to fix your tiles in place with sealants and grouts that stand up to the demands of a wetroom.

Whilst some aspects of creating a wetroom are best left to the experts, you can use our helpful tutorial videos to get you started.

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