A Pick of Summer's Best Interior Design Trends

Indian-inspired Décor -

What better way to bring all the warmth and excitement of summer into your home than by channelling one of the most rich and colourful cultures in the world?

Indian-inspired décor will bring opulence, depth and texture into your home. Here, we'll show you how!

Texture and Colour

Fill your home with an array of fabrics. In the bedroom, royal-style bedding in shimmering silks, sumptuous velvets and deeply-coloured cottons is a must; choose gold, silver, pink and all the shades of purple, and don't be afraid to accent the look with hints of black - it'll only highlight the depth of colour.

In other rooms, work paisley in rich colours into your décor, looking to well-stocked spice racks for shade inspiration. Think golds, burnt oranges, deep fiery yellow and lively reds and burgundies - they'll bring new energy and zest into any room, but look particularly stunning when set ablaze by the evening sunset, so consider west-facing rooms for this trend.


Let the rounded domes and majestic turrets of India's iconic buildings inspire you, and bring them into your home wherever possible. Some furniture designers are incorporating these shapes into their summer collections, with headboards, chairs and even sideboards taking on the instantly-recognisable curves of the country's structural design.

Tiles for the Trend

Our Oriente range of floor tiles is the perfect accompaniment to Indian-inspired décor. Take a look at the natural-stone look and rich colour of the Oriente Gold tile, and be inspired!

A pick from any of our natural stone tiles would complement this look nicely, whether used on walls or floors, but marble tiles work particularly well if you want to work this look into your bathroom. For a nature-inspired kitchen, why not let slate tiles work their magic?

Natural colours

If you think bright and bold hues have had their day, let a more natural colour palette bring you soothing relief.

Natural needn't mean boring! The great outdoors has plenty to offer, from crisp duck egg blues to rich browns, deep greens and cool creams.


Look to pale wood-style flooring for a summer-friendly finish that'll give your home a fresh and airy feel. Choose furnishings in complementary shades, and look for accessories in raffia, stone and slate materials - they'll all add up to a gorgeous pastoral finish.

Finishing touches

Bring flowers into your home to add interest and individuality to your décor. You can't beat real bouquets and plants but for a longer-lasting burst of colour look for botanical-patterned wallpaper for a lively feature wall, or simply introduce a few floral-patterned cushions into your living room. Don't go overboard; just use the pattern to bring a new dimension to the subtlety created by the rest of your décor.

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