Home Improvements for the Bank Holiday

This coming bank holiday, make the most of any spare time - even if it's just an hour - with a spot of DIY. We've got the ideas to inspire you, so don't rely on the British weather - bring a ray of sunshine into your home with a fresh new look.

Why not create a stylish splashback in your kitchen or bathroom?

To transform your sink area in a flash you'll need:

Wall tiles
• Notched spreader
• Tile adhesive
• Tile spacers
• Hand-held tile cutter
• Grout
• Trowel
• Grout spreader
• Sponge
• Grout shaper
• Dishcloth

Step by step guide...

1) Pencil in a vertical line to be your starting point to work outwards from.
2) Apply tile adhesive to one square metre of wall using a notched spreader. Lay one tile against your drawn on line.
3) Lay another tile above this the first, either exactly above or - if you're going for a brickwork effect - above and to the side. Place tile spacers between the tiles.
4) Keep laying your tiles until you get the edge of the area you want to tile and need to start using cut tiles.
5) To measure what size you need your tile to be, lay it face-down over the space it's due to go then mark the top and bottom of the tile, remembering to allow room for the tile spacer.
6) Cut the tile using a hand-held tile cutter. Score the glazed side then press down to break the tile. Lay it in its space in your splashback.
7) Leave the wall to let the adhesive dry.
8) Use a trowel to press grout onto the tiles then spread it out with a grout spreader, being sure to work it onto the joints between tiles.
9) Use a damp sponge to wipe away excess grout. Leave it to harden in the gaps then run a group shaper along each joint. Once again, sponge of excess. When it's dry, polish it up with a clean and damp soft cloth.

And there you have it! A brand new look in your home!

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