Christmas Luxury

Wouldn't it be wonderful if your home greeted your guests with the wow-factor this Christmas?

It could be time to stop lusting after those million-pound homes on Pinterest, because we're here to show you how to get the look of luxury with a few simple yet effective design choices. Decadence will be yours...


This light fitting is your fast-track to luxury. It's usually a case of the bigger the better, but there's no need to forgo your home's style in the name of size! There are so many different types of chandelier available, from grand traditional options with dangling droplets of sparkling crystal to sleek, modern minimalist styles that wouldn't be out of place in an art gallery. Whichever style you choose, mount it on a long chain so it hangs low over a staircase, kitchen table or in centre stage in your living room for maximum style points.

Real wood flooring

That rich colour, the beautiful pattern created by the natural variances in tone and texture, that unmistakable echo as you walk over it... There are so many reasons to love real wood flooring, and the way it'll add elegance and style to your décor is just one aspect of its appeal. Add to that the fact that it is incredibly long-lasting, durable, easy to care for and available in an array of colours and finishes, and real wood flooring becomes the perfect investment for a more beautiful (and impressive) home this season.

An opulent colour palette

Colour can have a big impact on our mood and perception of a space, and while it's easy to go for whites, creams and magnolias across our homes to create a feeling of space and modernity, why not try a rich, opulent colour palette for rooms fit for royalty? We'll be taking inspiration from the colour schemes of beautiful historical homes to make our guests feel warm and welcome this Christmas.

Shades such as deep emerald green, seductive ruby red and refreshing sapphire blue look fantastic throughout your décor - whether you use them as accent colours against a more muted backdrop or let them take the lead as the main colour on walls or soft furnishings. Up the wow-factor by inviting these rich colours into your home through an array of textures; a beautiful blend of coloured silks, suede, velvet a cotton will look fantastic in the cosier quarters of your home.

The finishing touches

From antiques to designer pieces, there are plenty of treasures out there. If you know where to find them, it needn't cost a fortune to add a few stand-out pieces to your home. Simply search for vintage and antiques shops and fairs selling homewares in your area; use the internet to search for pre-loved gems, or - if you're not afraid of a bit of a treasure hunt - head to your local charity shops. A decorative screen, fancy light fittings and iconic items like a drinks globe would all be fabulous finds if you want to make an impression on your guests this season.

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