Style bloggers reveal how interior design influences fashion

The worlds of fashion and interior design often collide, with home décor trends and catwalk trends influencing and inspiring one another to make our lives that little bit more glamorous. After all, when we find a style we love in our homes, why wouldn't we work it into our wardrobes too?

In both fashion and interior design right now, two very different trends rule - Modern and Period style. With so many ways to work these looks, here at Topps Tiles we decided to ask some of the UK's top style bloggers how their favourite interior trends influence their personal style.

The mood boards accompanying this post have been composed with images provided by these bloggers to help portray how fashion trends help shape their décor style and visa versa.



The fashion incarnations

Ultra-stylish fashion blogger Ella from

"I chose an outfit that resembles the modern and monochrome theme of the Modern Style guide. I teamed a simple black tie-waist dress with a Bouclé-style white jacket. I chose a white envelope handbag and black flat sandals then added a pop of colour with a dark red ribbon in my hair. It's a bold choice - with colour blocking and clean, contemporary lines - but these features complement the sophisticated look that the tiles in this modern style can provide. The result is both professional and minimalistic."

Fresh-thinking fashionista Louise from

"I was really drawn to the Modern Style," she told us, "as this is a look I appreciate both in interiors and in fashion. I think monochrome is a really classic and timeless look, but can be brought straight up to date with a few on-trend accessories or patterns. Leather-look fabrics are always on-trend and I use them to add more of an edge to my girlie personal style."



The fashion incarnations

Louise from the inspirational style blog

"Looking around my bedroom as I type this, I see lots of crisp whites with clean finishes but with the added details of soft pastels and patterns. This is exactly why I felt that the Period style on the Topps Tiles website was most suited to me, and I created an outfit that I would wear myself.

"To pull off this trend, I'd wear a paisley-print playsuit as I love the dramatic pattern. I'd tone down the dark shades with a floral headband; a subtle soft pastel pink version would be perfect. Crisp white-framed sunglasses, plain matte black ankle boots and bright red lipstick would finish off the look."

Craft and vintage-loving style blogger Hannah from

"I chose Period Style as I felt it represented my personal style the most - I love soft colours, patterns and cute little details in my own home as well as in my wardrobe," she explained.

"I'd go for quite a muted, earthy palette with some nice pops of red and gold detail. A floral-pattern dress with a stylish background shade would be pretty without being too twee, as some florals can be. I think green is the perfect shade for this.

"I'd pair the dress with some gorgeous chunky sandals in a dusky red colour.

"The Period Style is all about patterns, so I'd pick a bag with a cute red polka dot print - it would complement the colour scheme and clash nicely with the pattern of the dress. It's important to keep the earthy, natural feel of the outfit and a soft peach-coloured scarf is ideal for this.

Another feature of Period Style is attention to detail and little touches, so a pair of pretty gold leaf chandelier earrings and a gorgeous dragonfly ring would work perfectly. I love these little details that are not immediately obvious, but finish off the whole look."

Sera, from beauty and lifestyle blog with a twist

"My own style (in regards to outfits) is heavily influenced by my surroundings and vice versa. We recently moved into a new home and it has many country-esque features such as old-style bamboo shelving and beautiful stone walls, one with a log burner settled into it. While I wouldn't say I'm particularly quirky with my home, preferring clean backgrounds against pop colours, I love mixing old retro styles with more modern trends. One example in my home is a stone feature wall where I've placed a big canvas with tattoo rockabilly-style artwork.

"This décor choice was inspired completely by my love of rockabilly and retro clothing. The artwork was purchased by my parents, long before I came along and I adore that about it.

"The vintage theme is carried through to my dresser in the bedroom where I've placed the most stunning white cut-out frame mirror. Partly because I have no other storage options right now and also because it's simply aesthetically pleasing, I've draped the brightest of my accessories over the top of the mirror.

"All of my favourite styles to wear day to day - whether that's rockabilly, vintage, chic, heritage, etc - can all be found echoed throughout my home.

"While I have a long list of home improvements I'd like to do, it's very easy to make a house a home by adding little touches of your own personal style. It makes for a very cosy setting indeed."

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