Bring Halloween Into Your Home

That spooktacular time of year is almost upon us! But while most of us are busy planning outfits, storing up sweet treats or even pondering how best to make it look like we're not home on the big night, could it be time to consider what Halloween can do for you - or more specifically, your home?


The flicker of candlelight, the rich colours of carved pumpkins... orange is the colour for All Hallows' Eve, but this bold shade takes on a warm, welcoming quality when used in the home. If you've got a space that often feels cold, consider introducing the spicy colour with a feature wall, items of furniture, or just a few decorative ornaments. Even the subtlest touches of orange can bring the glow of a sunset into your home.

If bright orange feels like too much, why not enjoy the subtle touch of warming colour that terracotta floor tiles will bring? Perfect in kitchens, hallways and conservatories, our Cora Terracotta Floor Tiles are ideal.

For home decorators ready to take on bolder hues, be inspired by those post-Halloween spicy pumpkin soups! In a dining room, a large, textured rug in deep orange will create a stylish centrepiece and an uplifting environment. In a kitchen, bright orange wall tiles like our Colori tiles will add a richness that's sure to inspire your cooking this winter.

If you want to take yet more inspiration from October's final flourish, let Halloween guide your choice when it comes to table settings. We're not talking fake bats and spider confetti - simply stand a sleek black vase in the centre of the table, or go for matte black placemats for a touch of drama. The effect will be truly stunning when set in contrast to orange furnishings like the chairs here.


What better time to reassess whether there's enough eccentricity in your home than at Halloween? Little touches can make a big impression on your guests, so make sure your home stands out with stylish - if, admittedly, a little spooky - accessories:

We love this crow doormat to stop muddy footprints spoiling your hallway!

Check out this cheeky fox on a jug; he'll add a flash of orange to your kitchen, and a smile to your face.

No Halloween-inspired home would be complete without a black cat, and this chalk board is perfect.

An atmosphere of magic and mystery

Your home can take on a whole new character with a few simple tricks of the light. Add candles to create a fireplacefaux - whether you have a grate or not! Don't underestimate the effect of fairy lights too: we love the mixture of candles and lit-up foliage in this room.

If you have a lot of open space and wish your home had a little more personality, why not add interest by creating mysterious 'secret' spaces? For example, a great little reading nook can be made with a bed canopy, or simply by dedicating one corner to as many cushions, beanbags and cosy fabrics as you can get your hands on!

For a stylish way to break up your room, consider a glamorous decorative screen - then challenge your visitors not to feel desperate to look behind it as soon as they arrive! (Of course, if you've really got into the Halloween spirit, you'll already have somebody waiting to jump out at them...!)

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