Monthly Mosaics: Botella

With names such as Indian Peacock, Shimmering Glacier and Moonlit Harbour, you'd expect our Botella Mosaics to provide the perfect way to bring some opulence into your home, but would you expect them to be planet-friendly? These beautiful mosaics are made from up to 85 per cent recycled content, specifically glass bottles and jars, so you can feel good about the new treasure gracing your home.

A closer look...

The Botella range brings you glass mosaics in eight beautiful and exclusive designs, so every home can benefit from the array of both bold and subtle choices. With iridescent finishes, the effect they create is multi-tonal, multi-dimensional - what better way to bring a room to life?

Not only are the mosaics made from recycled materials, they are also handcrafted, so you get the highest quality product with a personal touch. This range is perfect for anyone interested in using sustainable and responsibly sourced products to decorate their home for a unique and stylish finish.

Where can you use it?

The Botella Mosaic range can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, conservatory or hallway, but they'll also work surprisingly well in the study, living room or even the bedroom.

Stylish ways to use it

Top tip: position the tiles so that they catch the light - their glass surface will really come to life and bounce the light around the room too. Perhaps create a feature wall of tiles opposite a window, or choose lamps and light fittings that give off as much light as possible, so the tiles have plenty of scope to dance and shimmer in the rays.

As with all mosaics, one of the many joys of the Botella range is that you can create a completely unique look depending on how you fix them to your walls.

With the eight different colourways to choose from, you're sure to meet your perfect match in our Botella range. To open up a room and give it a clean, cool, airy feel, why not try the Shimmering Glacier option, or create an enchanting, opulent finish with Titanium Glow?

The Botella collection works wonderfully in both traditional and modern-style homes. Create a futuristic look by teaming the iridescent tiles with cool metal accessories in a sleek kitchen, or let them echo an array of colours and fabrics in a cosy bedroom. Imagine the shimmering teals, purples and greens of the Indian Peacock mosaics offsetting luxurious velvets and opulent silks for a truly indulgent bedroom.

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