City Style In Your Home

This week we focus on bringing the best elements of some of the most stylish cities around the world into your home, so sit back, relax and prepare to be taken on a very stylish tour...

First stop, it's Tokyo...

Here, the inspired fashion of the Harajuku style icons treats the eye to a rainbow of clashing colours, while whacky combinations mean cute frills and super-sweet pinks are paired with gothic-style accessories in the same outfit. Just as the streets of Tokyo are brought to life by eccentric fashion, your home can be transformed into a fun, edgy place with some simple design updates:

• Cute colours rule. Lay a backdrop of sugary-sweet shades to offset the rest of your décor. Pink wall tiles are perfect - take a look at the gorgeous peony colour of these wall tiles to inspire you. If you only tile one wall, or use floor tiles in bright, feminine colours instead, paint the remaining wall space with pretty pastels to set the scene for a cute, girly but modern look.
• Give the sweetness an edge. Tokyo fashionistas push the boundaries with tough boots and rocky accessories - why not inject a tougher edge into your décor with leather furniture, or by opting for black window dressings in gothic-style velvet?
• Accessories can be multi-coloured, bold and super-girly: think fluffy cushions and pink throws along with rainbow-coloured lamps and bedding.
• Mix old and new for a quirky, unique look. Upcycling furniture is a great way to do this; why not start by giving an old ornate mirror frame a lick of bright turquoise paint?
• For this look, more is more. Clash your colours, mix your fabrics and don't stick to just one style or era.

Next, we stop off for some London style...

If we were to pick one thing that sums up the bold, industrialised and fast-paced style of England's capital, we'd choose the London Underground.

To set you on the right track, our Diamante range of wall tiles was inspired by this iconic network, and offers a contemporary take on our popular Metro range . Thanks to their brickwork-like finish and choice of five evocative shades, these tiles will quickly transport your home to a more stylish place!

To compliment the glossy modern finish of your new walls, opt for furnishings with clean lines: sleek Venetian blinds are perfect, while rectangular dining or coffee tables will echo the shape of the wall tiles creating a very stylish sense of order in your home.

When it comes to colours, red, white and blue make up the most striking and instantly-recognisable palette for a London-themed room. Avoid the obvious additions of red bus prints and union jack flags in favour of more subtle ways to make their colours part of your home. A scattering of red and blue cushions set against white bedding or a white sofa, for example, would create an effect any interior designer would be proud of.

Finally, let's visit Milan...

This city is strongly associated with luxurious style with a particular focus on textiles, so it's time to let your sense of touch guide your sense of style! Create a warm, homely feeling by opting for printed and textured fabrics for curtains and furniture, and by choosing wallpaper that offers a multidimensional appeal - embossed wallpaper is perfect.

Give rooms an extra hit of texture with patterned tiles - we think the floor tiles in the Francisco Segarra range would create a modern yet luxurious look that sums up the city beautifully.

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