If We Could Spend Christmas Anywhere...

We know there's no place like home, but imagine if you could find yourself anywhere that takes your fancy this Christmas Day...

Join us on a magical tour through Topps Tiles HQ's collective daydream, and explore some of the most beautiful places we'd love to spend the festive holidays, whether they're stylish or just a little bit silly!


We wanted to get this out of our systems early, but wouldn't the magical world through the wardrobe be the perfect place to find yourself on Christmas Day? Granted, the perpetual state of winter does have its downsides, none more prominent than the fact that it signifies the White Witch's reign, but all those enchanted animals running around with frosty coats and leaving paw prints in the crisp blanket of snow? We're in - and we're keeping the Turkish delight.

This Bathroom

We don't ask for much here at Topps Tiles, but the gleaming white free-standing bath with its beautifully-shaped feet, the fresh-as-ice mosaic wall tiles and the fluffy white towel in this picture should be a basic human right this Christmas.

We'd fill the tub to the brim with bubble-filled warm water and soak away any stresses in this snowy-silver bathroom - just the thing after roast-cooking and entertaining duties are done and dusted. Bliss!

This festive bedroom

We can still (just about) remember what it feels like to be a kid on Christmas morning, and we know this gorgeous red, green and white bedroom would contribute to us being too excited to sleep the night before, and too excited to stay in bed very long when the big day arrives!


Magical food that simply appears on the table and tastes delicious, an enchanted ceiling mirroring the falling snow outside, and the knowledge that there really is a little magic in the air... Need we say more?

Beside this fire

Imagine getting cosy on this sofa in your Christmas PJs, the fire roaring in the hearth and your special someone handing you present after present. We love the combination of dark stone flooring and light stone walls, perfectly complemented by the natural taupe and beige decorative touches; it's stylish yet very welcoming.

Where would you like to spend Christmas Day? We'd love to hear from you...

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