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Manual Tile Cutters

No fuss, no power, just great quality manual tools. Non-powered tile cutters are the eco-friendly alternative to electric cutters to shape your wall or floor tiles - perfect for filling that smaller space around the edge of a room.

Our range includes a great variety of professional manual cutters from top brands you can rely on, and offers the ideal choice for straight cuts.

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RB Speed-62 Magnet

was £217.49
now £205.35
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RB Speed-72 Magnet

was £270.69
now £259.99
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RB Speed-92 Magnet

was £369.49
now £348.93
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Rubi Pocket 40 Tile Cutter 42CM

was £62.20
now £58.75
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5/5 from 2 reviews
5/5 from 2 reviews

Rubi Pocket 50 Tile Cutter 51CM

was £76.36
now £72.12
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4/5 from 2 reviews
4/5 from 2 reviews

Rubi RBTS-43 Cutter

was £211.76
now £200.02
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5/5 from 1 review
5/5 from 1 review

Rubi RBTS-57 Cutter

was £242.35
now £228.92
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Rubi RB TS-66 Cutter

was £292.94
now £276.70
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