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Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Sourced from all over the world, our wide variety of Natural Stone ranges from beautifully veined Marble to rustic Travertine and versatile Slate tiles. Every tile has its own unique markings, pattern and texture, offering an individual and timeless look. Their versatility means they can be used on a variety of surfaces, or even as a seamless transition from room to room. With their natural strength and durability and with the correct care, your stone tiles will last a lifetime.
Travertine features natural pits and voids that pattern the surface to give each piece a unique identity. Filled travertine has its pits and voids filled with a colour matched stone resin for a smoother finish.
Luxurious and sought after, our beautifully veined marble tiles are available in a range of colours. Its hardwearing structure allows it to be polished to a high gloss, enhancing natural light and space in any room.
Its durable properties and rich, earthy colours have made slate a favourite tile choice. It's suitable for various interior settings including kitchens, hallways and conservatories.
The most hardwearing and durable stone in our range, Granite is formed from the slow crystallisation of molten magma cooling below the earth's surface. The spectrum of colour makes for an ideal statement surface.
Limestone is hardwearing, durable and suitable for high footfall areas. Pitted surfaces and bevelled edges make these tiles look like they have been around for a lifetime.
Bring the outdoors indoors with the three dimensional appearance of split face natural stone. Fine for damp environments but not for direct contact with water.
A very hard dense natural stone comprised of sandstone that creates a glossy lustre with a delicate sparkle.
Still produced using only clay, water and fire. Its traditional reddish hues come from the clay's iron content reacting to oxygen during firing.
Traditional quarry tiles are unglazed with a rustic aesthetic being made of natural clay or baked shales. These tiles are extremely durable and hard wearing.

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